Palgrave United Church held its first service on May 19, 1878. It was 
Primitive Methodist congregation at that time but joined the United 
Church of Canada at church union in 1925. The Palgrave congregation 
is primarily composed of established families but all ages
participate together in a lovely mix of generations.
We are very pleased to have Cathy Hird as our minister. 
Cathy Hird is a farmer, author and a minister. Ordained in 1990 she has served in rural pastoral charges, in Owen Sound and at Cape Croker before coming to Palgrave United Church in 2012. She lives near Chatsworth on a sheep farm with her husband Paul Younger and their son Nathan. Her daughter Miriam is with Engineers without Borders. Before becoming a minister, Cathy worked in innercity Montreal at a shelter for women though she grew up in southern Ontario.  She studied English literature at the University of Waterloo and has an M.A. in New Testament Studies from McGill. Speaking about her passion in ministry, Cathy said, "Helping the gospel story come alive for people is important to me, and I am more and more using drama and images to do this. It is also important to me that we together make a difference in the world, working for peace, justice and a more sustainable lifestyle."
Our History
34 Pine Ave.
Caledon ON L7E 0L9

Sunday Worship: 10:30 - 11:30 am
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