Palgrave United Church held its first service on May 19, 1878. It was 
Primitive Methodist congregation at that time but joined the United 
Church of Canada at church union in 1925. The Palgrave congregation 
is primarily composed of established families but all ages                             
participate together in a lovely mix of generations.                                         

The Official Board it actively planning for our future.  Members of the Congregation will lead worship in Nov and Dec.  An interview committee will, with Presbytery's help, look for a long term supply minister.  Please continue to join us for our wonderful Sunday morning services and all other ongoing events at the church.

For interm Pastoral Care, please contact Rev. Jeff Werner at Bolton United. 
Our History
34 Pine Ave.
Caledon ON L7E 0L9

Sunday Worship: 10:30 - 11:30 am
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